Grand Lecturer and Grand Asst. Lecturer



Greetings My Sisters & My Brothers,

I am honored to serve as the Grand Lecturer, and I hope that my passion, my commitment and my love for this order becomes contagious!

The start of this administration opened up with the Grand Seminar, 300 plus members strong.  The addition of “The Boot Camp”, has initiated a “buzz” of excitement, and your presence there was on Purpose!  It is through these efforts of teaching, motivating, and preparation, our efforts to prepare members to be proficient in their duties.  Accordingly, the members acquire a better understanding and greater appreciation for the WORK!

As the Grand Assistant Lecturer and I, travel the state, know that our purpose and our goal is to work with you all, so that together we become unified ritualistically throughout the State.  We encourage the Officers to learn the work, stay steadfast, encouraged, and dedicated, for your Chapter’s depend on you, and the growth and success of this order, depends on you too.  

Shoot for the Moon, and if you should miss, you’ll still be among the brightest of Stars!

 Sister Terry L. Free
Grand Lecturer
Fidelity Chapter #16


Praise GOD from whom all blessings flow!

I am truly honored and humbled for this appointment to serve as the Grand Assistant Lecturer.  I look forward to working with, Sister Terry L. Free, GL, "Team Oziel".... The 1st thru the 8th Districts.  I am excited about the journey that "WE" have begun...

As we travel throughout the State of New Jersey, we will continue to promote the  idea that together we can exemplify the many opportunities to lead, train and moreover motivate our fellow Sisters and Brothers. We as members of this phenomenal organization will go out into the world each day and look for new challenges that will make a difference; and if we cannot find those challenges then we must create them.

We will continue  to recognize, encourage and promote the continuing commitment of our members in our order, thus paving the way for Sisters and Brothers to advance to the level attainable for them, taking into account their skills, experience and personal desires.

We will also strive to attract and retain highly motivated, engaged and diverse women and men to be part of our organization, by providing a sage, supportive and encouraging environment, both in and out of the Chapter structure, and by helping them to realize their full potentials, resulting in advancement, fulfillment and enjoyment within the Order.

Success depends on two things – Inspiration and strategy. Each year signifies a new season of hope and happiness. If we have the inspiration and  the plan of action to fulfill those aspirations, we can make this and every year even better than the year before.

It was an ancient rabbi who asked his students how they could tell when night had ended and day was on its way back.

"Could it be when you see an animal in the distance and can tell whether it is a sheep or a dog?"
"No," answered the rabbi.
"Could it be when you look at a tree in the distance and can tell whether it is a fig tree or a peach tree?"
"No," answered the rabbi again.
"Well, then, when it is?" the students demanded.
"It is when you look on the face of any woman or man and see that she or he is your Brother or Sister. Because if you cannot do that, then no matter what time it is, it is still night."

Let us continue to be that beacon of light and hope for one another wherever we may roam. We shine our brightest when we reflect each other’s light, and we happily shine for those who need us, when they need us. What a blessing it is to be a part of this Great Organization known throughout the World as "The Order of the Eastern Star".

Fraternally submitted,
Sister Judy Worley
Grand Assistant Lecturer