Committee Member Title
Annual Address Amelita B. McDowell Annual Address
Annual Returns Jessi A. Banks Annual Returns
  Brenda L. Burroughs Annual Returns
  Deborah A. Howard Annual Returns
Appeals & Grievances Joann Watson Appeals & Grievances, Chairperson
  Otis Appling Appeals & Grievances, Chairperson
  Gail D. Lane Appeals & Grievances, Co-Chairperson
  Kimberly Robinson Taylor Appeals & Grievances, Co-Chairperson
Arts & Crafts Lorraine Scott Arts & Crafts, Chairperson
  Janet Witherspoon Arts & Crafts, Chairperson
Audit Tasha Youngblood-Brown Audit, Chairperson
  Donna Hicks Audit, Co-Chairperson
  Donna A. Person Audit, Co-Chairperson
Bootcamp Shelton Prescott Bootcamp, Chairperson
  Regina Littlejohn Bootcamp, Chairperson
  Peter Madden Bootcamp, Co-Chairperson
  Nicole E. Mingo-Horton Bootcamp, Co-Chairperson
Banquet Florence C. Sylvester Banquet, Chairperson
  Shirley Cooper Banquet,  Co-Chairperson
  Barb Ann Reed Sanders Banquet,  Co-Chairperson
  Charlotte Bush Cutts Banquet, Co-Chairperson
  Harriett Peters Banquet, Co-Chairperson
  Tolara Deloatch Banquet, Co-Chairperson
Budget & Financial Planning Evette Davis Budget & Financial Planning, Chairperson
  Deborah Howard Budget & Financial Planning, Co-Chairperson
Cards & Condolences Yvette Beverly Cards & Condolences (Districts 1-5)
  Jackie Williams Cards & Condolences (Districts 6-8)
Charity Foundation Maurice D. Wesson Charity Foundation, Chairperson
  Gwendolyn D. Jenkins Charity Foundation, Co-Chairperson
  Deneen McReynolds Charity Foundation, Grant Writer
Convention Facilities Charmaine S. Worlds Conventions Facilities, Chairperson
  Doni Bettis Convention Facilities, Co-Chairperson
  Renee Reed-Bruton Convention Facilities, Co-Chairperson
Convention Registration Brenda L. FitzGerald Convention Registration, Chairperson
  Deidra Williams Convention Registration, Co-Chairperson
  Sandra Privett Garrard Convention Registration, Co-Chairperson
  Gloria Pittman Convention Registration,Co-Chairperson
  Carolyn Wright Porcher Convention Registration, Co-Chairperson
  Jonnie Mae Page Convention Registration, Co-Chairperson
  Lorna Dowdy Convention Registration, Co-Chairperson
  Alma J. Coit Convention Registration, Co-Chairperson
Convention Vendors Christine Sales Convention Vendors, Chairperson
  Susan Alston-Spencer Convention Vendors, Co-Chairperson
  Juanita Cherry Convention Vendors, Co-Chairperson
Convention Visitors Florence R. Thomas Convention Visitors, Chair
  Carolyn Hayes-Simmons Convention Visitors, Co-Chair
  J. Ronald Hyman  Sr. Convention Visitors, Co-Chair
  Gwendolyn D. Jenkins Convention Visitors, Co-Chair
Credentials Brenda L. Burroughs Credentials
  Brenda J. Dunston Credentials
Education/Scholarship Carolyn Newsom Education/Scholarship, Chairperson
  Francine Williams Education/Scholarship, Co-Chairperson
  Barbara V. Lee Education/Scholarship, Co-Chairperson
  Dorothy W. Wyatt Education/Scholarship, Co-Chairperson
  Natasha Osborne Education/Scholarship, Co-Chairperson
  Agnes Ellis Education/Scholarship, Co-Chairperson
Floral Arrangements Gloria Bivens Floral Arrangements, Co-Chairperson
  Mary Tucker-Brown Floral Arrangements, Co-Chairperson
Gifts Raschel Issac Gifts, Chairperson
  LaJohn Bivins-Pollitt Gifts, Chairperson
  Mary E. Parham Gifts, Co-Chairperson
  Sonia Witherspoon Gifts, Co- Chairperson
  Sylvia Owens Gifts, Co-Chairperson
Grand Birthday/Calendar Joan Harvey Grand Birthday/Calendar, Chairperson
  Charlene A. Morris Grand Birthday/Calendar, Co-Chairperson
  Joneen  Ruffis Grand Birthday/Calendar, Co-Chairperson
Grand Choir Kim McPhail Grand Choir, Chairperson
  Alavan Dennis Grand Choir Emeritus
Grand East Club Rochelle M. Elliott  Grand East Club
  Thomas R. Hughes, Sr. Grand East Club
Grand Videographer Charles Treadwell Grand Videographer, Chairperson
  Robert Norman Grand Assistant Videographer, Chairperson
Health Care/First Aid Merelyn Daniel Health Care/First Aid, Co-Chairperson
  Douglas P. Curry Health Care/First Aid, Co-Chairperson
  Joyce Johnson Health Care/First Aid, Co-Chairperson
  Debra Y. Mallory Health Care/First Aid, Co-Chairperson
  Rhonda Cox Health Care/First Aid, Co-Chairperson
Historical Delores A. Hackett Historical, Chairperson
  Brenda Walker Hamon Historical, Co-Chairperson
Hospitality Rhonda L. Burgess Hospitality, Chairperson
  B. Ann Davis Hospitality, Co-Chairperson
  Sakeenah Shakir Hospitality, Co-Chairperson
  Naomi Spruell Hospitality, Co-Chairperson
Host/Hostesses Jeanell Newmuis-Haley Host/Hostesses, Chairperson
  Diane Cropper Host/Hostesses, Co-Chairperson
  Doris Carney Host/Hostesses, Co-Chairperson
Investments Eubert G. Brown Investments, Chairperson
  Rosita Dawud Investments, Co-Chairperson
  Harry McDowell Investments, Co-Chairperson
Jurisprudence Charles F. Williams Jurisprudence, Chairperson
Labyrinth Rochelle M. Elliott Labyrinth, Chairperson
  Marjorie Ellis Labyrinth, Co-Chairperson
Meals/Publications Elsie Lewis Meals/Publications, Chairperson
  Evelyn Manor Meals/Publications, Co-Chairperson
  Deletrice Massey Meals/Publications, Co-Chairperson
  Orissa Tilley Meals/Publications, Co-Chairperson
Membership Database/Cards Charlene M. Craddock Membership DataBase/Cards, Co-Chairperson
  Hilmer Behmia Membership DataBase/Cards, Co-Chairperson
  Sharon Hayden-Myrick Membership DataBase/Cards, Co-Chairperson
New Members Kelly C. Griffin New Members, Chairperson
  Patricia Lyons New Members, Co-Chairperson
  Allena Ross New Members, Co-Chairperson
  Joselyn Ortiz New Members, Co-Chairperson
  Rachel Lewis New Members, Co-Chairperson
  Adrian Edwards New Members, Co-Chairperson
  Terraine D. Jones New Members, Co-Chairperson
Past Grand Officers Council Florence R. Thomas Past Grand Officers Council
Paraphernalia Terri L. Jackson Paraphernalia, Chairperson
  Lynette J. Willis Paraphernalia, Co-Chairperson
  Leslie VanPutten Paraphernalia, Co-Chairperson
Project BUILD Cheryl Hickmon Project BUILD, Co-Chairperson
  Kaye C. Johnson Project BUILD, C0-Chairperson
Protocol Arthur R. Crawford Protocol, Co-Chairperson
  Audrey M. Hopkins Protocol, Co-Chairperson
Public Relations Cheryl Tinsely Public Relations, Chairperson
  Edna Iverson Long Public Relations, Chairperson
  Marcella Elmore Public Relations, Co-Chairperson
  Delois Johnson Public Relations, Co-Chairperson
Publicity Shirley Houston Publicity, Co-Chairperson
  Martha Meyers Publicity, Co-Chairperson
Queen's Pageant Patricia L. Young Queen's Pageant, Chairperson
  Danyelle Payne Queen's Pageant, Chairperson
  Darlene Ross Queen's Pageant, Co-Chairperson
  Beverly Hale Queen's Pageant, Co-Chairperson
  Teeya Monroe Queen's Pageant, Co-Chairperson
  Sarah Elder Queen's Pageant, Advisor
Recreation Carolyn Singleton Recreation, Chairperson
  Shirley Artis Recreation, Co-Chairperson
  Dianne C. Robinson Recreation, Co-Chairperson
  Toni Manning Recreation, Co-Chairperson
  Michelle S. Dabney Recreation, Co-Chairperson
Resolutions Brenda L. Burroughs Resolutions
Ritualistic Committee Terry L. Free Ritualistic Committee, Co-Chairperson
  Judy Worley Ritualistic Committee, Co-Chairperson
  Deirdra L. Peterson Ritualistic Committee, Co-Chairperson
Security Rose Wilson Security, Chairperson
  Eric Bowman Security, Co-Chairperson
  Craig Elliott Security, Co-Chairperson
  Wanda Owens Security, Co-Chairperson
  Calvin Deloatch Security, Co-Chairperson
  John White Security, Co-Chairperson
Social Media Sharon Day Social Media, Chairperson
  Kimberly Wells Social Media, Co-Chairperson
  Shereea Gaskin Social Media, Co-Chairperson
Souvenir Journal Delores L. Sweat Souvenir Journal, Chairperson
  Florence W. Brown Souvenir Journal, Co-Chairperson
Special Project - Community Brenda J. Mason Special Project - Community, Chairperson
  Nicole Towns Special Project - Community, Co-Chairperson
  Lisa Gist Ragland Special Project - Community, Co-Chairperson
  Sharon Eley Special Project - Community, Co-Chairperson
  Mary E. Ruff Special Project - Community, Co-Chairperson
Special Project Charlene A. Morris Special Project, Chairperson
  Kim Dove Special Project, Chairperson
  Tanira Daye Special Project, Co-Chairperson
  Darrea Hoffman Special Project, Co-Chairperson
  Regina Jones Booker Special Project, Co-Chairperson
Starlight Sharon Hunter Starlight, Chairperson
  Alfreda Payne Starlight, Chairperson-Emeritus
  Linda Reid Starlight, Co-Chairperson
  Gail H. Lockhart Starlight, Co-Chairperson
Supply Clerk Angela Oglesby Supply Clerk, Chairperson
  Robert Oglesby Supply Clerk, Co-Chairperson
  E. Denise Peoples Supply Clerk, Co-Chairperson
  Tamekia Gibbs Supply Clerk, Co-Chairperson
Transportation Leighton Sams Transportation, Co-Chairperson
  Kenneth Allen Transportation, Co-Chairperson
  Jeffery Gilliam Transportation, Co-Chairperson
Ways and Means Lauren Thompson Ways and Means, Chairperson
  Shanna Hayes Ways and Means, Co-Chairperson
  Doris Elliott Ways and Means, Co-Chairperson
  Vera Atkinson Ways and Means, Co-Chairperson
  Serena Johnson Ways and Means, Co-Chairperson
  Dorothy L. Cook Ways and Means, Co-Chairperson
  Kathie Lofland Ways and Means, Co-Chairperson
  Sophia Mack Ways and Means, Co-Chairperson
Website Brenda Burroughs Website, Chairperson
  Monica M. Smith Website, Co-Chairperson
  Charlene Craddock  Website, Co-Chairperson