Charity Foundation

Oziel Grand Chapter, Order of Eastern Star Charity Foundation for the Jurisdiction of New Jersey, PHA , a 501(c)(3) Corporation, is organized exclusively for charitable, religious, educational and health awareness activities within the Jurisdiction of New Jersey.

This includes, but is not limited to donations/scholarships for College Bound Students, funding youth programs, assistance to health organizations and families in need. Membership of this corporation shall consist of every member of the Order of the Eastern Star, PHA for the Jurisdiction of New Jersey. This corporation shall be absolutely amenable to and under the authority of Oziel Grand Chapter.

About Us

The Oziel Charity Foundation is a IRS designated 501 (c) (3) Tax-Exempt entity established in the State of New Jersey, under the auspices of Oziel Grand Chapter OES-PHA, Inc., for the expressed purpose of collecting and disseminate funds for charitable, religious, education and health awareness activities in accordance with regulations of the IRS code.

Since its incorporation in 1913, Oziel Grand Chapter has been renown for its legacy of charitable endeavors within the State of New Jersey, nationwide as well as internationally. The membership which numbers nearly three thousand from all walks of life and professions, is organized into local chapters, located in the towns and municipalities throughout the State.

For nearly 100 years, Oziel has traditionally responded to calls for assistance in times of need, caused by natural disasters, i.e. hurricanes, floods, fires, etc. , or in other instances by providing educational scholarships and participation in cultural and/or civic enrichment programs for the less fortunate, or whenever informed of other specific requests for compassionate assistance. We also provide contributions to established and qualified healthcare, resource and research programs.

Foundation Board of Directors

Brenda L. Burroughs – Chairperson
W. Spence Person Jr., PGWP – Vice-Chairperson

Deborah A. Howard – Grand Treasurer
Joanne L. Motley – Grand Secretary
Jessi A. Banks – Grand Financial Secretary
Evette M. Davis – Financial Manager

Board Secretary – Charlene Craddock, Grand Assistant Secretary

Board of Trustees

Rochelle M. Elliot, PGWM

Thomas R. Hughes, PWGP

Donna D. Robinson, PGWM

Bryan D. Morris, PGWP

Audrey M. Hopkins, PGWM

Clifton J. Hardy, PGWP

Amelita B. McDowell, PGWM

Andrew Burroughs, PGWP

Daphne P. Roberts, PGWM

Maurice Wesson, PDDGM

Carmen Jackson, PDDGM

Paulette McGee Thomas, GAM, Appointed Trustee

Regina Brunson, GC, Appointed Trustee

Monique Wiggins, GAC, Appointed Trustee

Sharon Harris, PDDGM, Appointed Trustee

Tammy Sanders, PM, Appointed Trustee

Marjorie P. Ellis, GWM (Ex-Officio)
Kevin D. Thomas, GWP (Ex-Officio)

Our Project

How to Donate

You can be a part of this dynamic and innovative endeavor by making your “tax deductible” contribution in one of the following categories:
Platinum $500.00
Gold 250.00
Bronze 100.00
Silver 25.00

Direct Donations
Direct donations can be made to the foundation via check or money order, payable to Oziel Grand Chapter Charity Foundation and forwarded to:
Brenda L. Burroughs, Chairperson

Company Matching Funds
You can ask your employer for “matching funds” for Oziel Charity Foundation, if they have a community relations support program.
*Companies who donate matching funds for their employees will be provided with the Charity Corporations tax exempt number.

Did you know?
– You can place our “Drop in the Bucket” donation container at your next social or family outing.
– You can ask your church, social/civic clubs or other organizations if they will participate by making a “tax deductible” donation. 

How to Apply
– You can request a one-time donation for a scholarship or request a book award.
– You can request assistance if there is a natural disaster, fire or other extenuating circumstance.
– You can inform others about the Foundation and the services available in times of need.

100% will go to the charity.
We work to ensure charities are in good standing. We verify that receiving charities have tax-exempt status with the IRS and are not on recognized economic sanctions lists.
All fees are on PayPal
When you donate through PayPal Giving Fund, all fees are on us.
Receive a tax receipt
After you donate, we’ll email you a PayPal Giving Fund tax receipt.

Our Partners

Contact and Mailing Address
Grand Secretary
18 Elmwood Lane
Willingboro, NJ 08046
(609) 743-9750

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Physical location
The Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of New Jersey