How to Donate

You can be a part of this dynamic and innovative endeavor by making your "tax deductible" contribution in one of the following categories:
Platinum $500.00
Gold 250.00
Bronze 100.00
Silver 25.00

Direct Donations
Direct donations can be made to the foundation via check or money order, payable to Oziel Grand Chapter Charity Foundation and forwarded to:
Amelita B. McDowell, Chairperson

Company Matching Funds
You can ask your employer for "matching funds" for Oziel Charity Foundation, if they have a community relations support program.
*Companies who donate matching funds for their employees will be provided with the Charity Corporations tax exempt number.

Did you know?
- You can place our "Drop in the Bucket" donation container at your next social or family outing.
- You can ask your church, social/civic clubs or other organizations if they will participate by making a "tax deductible" donation.

How to Apply
- You can request a one time donation for scholarship or request a book award.
- You can request assistance if there is a natural disaster, fire or other extenuating circumstance.
- You can inform others about the Foundation and the services available in times of need.

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Support Oziel Charity FOundation with your donations:

Anyone can donate to our Charity Foundation to support our cause by clicking the link below: