Grand Lecturer and Grand Asst. Lecturer



Hello Sisters and Brothers of Oziel Grand Chapter!

I am so excited to be your Grand Lecturer and excited about this administration!  The Grand Assistant Lecturer and I have already started our visitations and I must say I enjoy traveling to the different Districts, meeting new Sisters and Brothers, and working together to make us all great!

As we continue our journey across this state, we will encourage all do learn their work and dialogue.   Your District meetings are a chance to show the State what you have learned and how dedicated you are to learning your work and doing a good job for your Districts and this Order, so remember to put your best foot forward!  Work with your Deputies and Lecturers because they need you.  Work with your Worthy Matrons and Worthy Patrons because they need you.  Attend your Chapter and District meetings and your School of Instruction. 

When I first joined the Order, a very good Sister/Friend of mine told me “You will get out of the Order what you put in to it” and she was so right.    Don’t be a “lukewarm” member.  Be on Fire for OES!

Sister Regina R. Littlejohn
Grand Lecturer
St. John Chapter No. 12



Greetings Sisters and Brothers,

Congratulations to the Worthy Matrons, Worthy Patrons and Officers on your individual appointments respectively.  It takes much energy and dedication to be the Worthy Matron, and Worthy Patron. Dedication is one of the key elements to a successful year.  Within our organization we dedicate our time and efforts in many different ways. When you stand in the East and do the work that is the “Will of the Chapter” you must be dedicated to their causes and concerns and lead by example so that the results are fruitful from your dedicated efforts. 

We encourage you to learn your ritualistic work and read the Constitution and By-laws of Oziel Grand Chapter.  With anything in life, if you dedicate yourself to doing the very best job possible, nothing but positive results will come about.  Be diligent in your work for the good of your Chapter and the organization.

The Grand Lecturer and I are excited about working together during this administration and we look forward to visiting your Districts in the near future.

Motto to live by:
5 P’s - Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance

Sister Paulette M. McGee Jones
Grand Assistant Lecturer
ERAME Chapter No. 62