YF Hall of Fame


The winner for the Queen contest was from
District 5 Unit 30 –
Ms. Olivia J. HUGHES




Congratulations goes to Gina M. Watkins who is the recipient of the 69th Prince Hall Conference of Grand Matrons and Grand Patrons, OES Scholarship.


Congratulations goes to our four 2017 Senior Graduates: triplets Shantel, ShiAnn, Shania Santiago of District 2 Unit 15 and Gina M. Watkins of District 6 Unit 1.


Congratulations goes to the 6th District for a job well done on their Annual District Report.

 2017 – 2019 State Officers



President -  Ka-leah Huff – (6)


Vice-President -  Altamease Williams (8)


Secretary -  Nia Womack (1)


Treasurer -  Jamiya Mc Gill (2)


Assistant Secretary -  Ireland Brown (5)


Chaplain -  Nikita Mc Kinnon (6)


Head Marshal -   Lisa Smith (8)


Assistant Marshal -  Nia Thompson (1)