On May 15, 2018 the Oziel Grand Chapter Foundation launched a Capitol Campaign to raise funds through OceanFirst Charity Challenge 2018. The Challenge is through Crowdrise, which is the “Gofundme” arm for nonprofit organizations looking to identify funds for a sole purpose. The OceanFirst Foundation, the philanthropic wing of OceanFirst Bank, will be awarding cash prizes during the entire twenty (20) days of the Challenge. The team that raises the most during the Challenge wins $20,000, second place wins $7,500, and third place wins $2,500. Weekly Bonus Challenges enable charities to win up to another $10,000 Now that’s an “Ocean” full of cash! To qualify Charities must raise an excess of $1000 by June 10, 2018. Oziel Grand Chapter Foundation members Sister Audrey M. Hopkins, PGWM and Sister Daphne P. Roberts, PGWM attended the Challenge workshop in Toms River on April 27, 2018 to prepare for the Challenge.

 The Oziel Grand Chapter Foundations encourages all members and friends of Oziel, to participate in the Challenge. It is our goal to raise $10,000 during the Challenge to support Veteran housing, and STEM initiatives for youth. With the support of our Chapters, friends, families, and neighbors, we believe we can dot it!

 Follow the link below to be directed to the OceanFirst Charity Challenge website to donate today. We need a minimum of twenty five (25) individual donors totaling $1000. to qualify for this challenge. Time is limited, so we need your participation to be eligible win prizes for our Foundation.

2019 Challenge will be posted soon.